U.s.a.: old regular baptist lined hymn – “and must this body die”

What is “American” music and what differentiates it from European or African music? Be sure to use scholarly sources and specific musical examples from this week’s listening to support your ideas.
Canada: Cape Breton Fiddling – “E Minor Jigs”
U.S.A.: Ballad-Singing – “Edward”
U.S.A.: Old Regular Baptist Lined Hymn – “And Must This Body Die”
U.S.A.: Singing School Shape-Note Music – “Exhortation”
U.S.A.: Bluegrass – “True Life Blues”
U.S.A.: African-American Spiritual – “Come and go to that land”
U.S.A.: African-American Gospel Choir – “God is Good All The Time”
Country Blues – “Sweet Home Chicago”
Nuyorican (New York City) Salsa – “Quítate de la vía Perico”
Cajun Music – “La talle des ronces”
Plains Indian Dance Song – “Rock Dance Song”
Native American Flute – “Courting Song”

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