Use the structure below to write a 1-2 page outline. The outline you write in th

Use the structure below to write a 1-2 page outline. The outline you write in this assignment will be the first step toward the full method section paper you will write later in the course. For each of the six sections below, in your outline, provide as much detail as you can about what you expect to address in the method paper. For example: why descriiptive phenomenology is well-suited to your research interest, how you’ll identify participants, where you’d plan to interview them, name the steps in data analysis, et cetera.

Use this structure to create your outline:
Choice of Method: Present your argument why (a) a qualitative research method and (b) descriiptive phenomenology in particular is the best choice for addressing your proposed question.
Participants: Briefly discuss why a limited number of participants (3-6) is considered adequate for a descriiptive phenomenological study. Describe the criteria for participant recruitment and selection.
Research Setting: Describe the setting(s) in which you intend to conduct your interviews.
Instruments and Procedures: Describe the specific way(s) you will capture and record data, for example, digital audio and/or video, note-taking, et cetera, and how you will use them, including using third-party transcriiption services if you intend to use a professional transcriber.
Data Analysis: This discussion is the heart of your method and should be the most detailed, discussing each major step in data analysis, and explaining how it is done, citing the literature as needed. As part of your discussion of data analysis, define each of the technical terms involved in those steps (for example, phenomenological attitude, natural attitude, meaning unit, bracketing, free imaginative variation, psychological constituent, psychological essence of the phenomenon).
Limitations and Research Issues: Every study is by its nature limited in scope and focus. Describe these limitations as best you can. For example, are you studying only a particular aspect of the phenomenon, whereas others could also be studied? Do you see the number of participants as a limitation, and if so, why? By choosing this method, what kinds of issues will not be addressed?
This assignment is worth 50 points I need all the points please

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