username for scc website: password: Amiy@mj9228 Answer the f

username for scc website:
password: Amiy@mj9228
Answer the following
1. What are you learning about the speech preparation process?
2. What are you doing to help your nervousness symptoms?
3. What can you do as an audience member to help a speaker that appears nervous?
To prepare for your informative speech, answer the following questions for brainstorming:
4. What are three important considerations when choosing my topic?
5. List three topics you don’t know about but are interested in learning more. This could be a hobby or interest that someone you know is into, but you don’t really know a lot about.
6. What are two things you already know about that you could teach the class?
7. Name 3 places in the world you’ve always wanted to see or know more about.
8. If you could have any job or skill beyond your current education and abilities, what would it be? (For example, I know I’ll never be a professional ballroom dancer on Dancing with the Stars, but it sure would be nice.)
Once you’ve brainstormed these ideas, choose one you think would be the most interesting to your audience or give you the best research results. (This doesn’t have to be the official topic that you choose for your informative speech, but it helps to get the ball rolling. So if you change your mind later, that’s ok.) Once you have the best topic, identify from Chapter 16:
9. What type of speech is this?
10. What technique(s) would work best?
11. What organizational pattern should I follow?
Next, let’s apply this to your research. Start at SCC’s library main page. This can be accessed from the SCC main website or from your portal. Then go to “Find Articles (Databases)” You must go through the portal to access this information. Your SCC enrollment gives you access to the information purchased for these databases. Then click on “General or Miscellaneous Topics.”
Start with Credo Reference- Do a general search for your chosen topic and see what comes up. You not only find a variety of sources listed, but a cool tool called the Mind Map shows up. Play around with the results and Mind Map.
12. What’s coming up that might be useful? Is the Mind Map helpful? Click on any article, and then see the icons that appear at the top of the article. If you hover the mouse over those icons, you can see that you can email any article to yourself. I highly recommend this. Academic research is so much more than Googling something. The most important or relevant article may not be on the first or fifth page of results. Research takes time, patience, and digging. So if you find any article you think might be relevant, email it to yourself so that you don’t lose it or have to remember where you saw that once. If you don’t need it later, you can just delete it.
13. Then hover your mouse over the quotes icon. Pull up an MLA citation for the article you found, and copy and paste it to your discussion board response.
Back up out of Credo to the list of General Databases and try EBSCO next. Search for your topic, and look to the left side.
15. How many results show divided into academic journals, magazines, and news?
16. Click on one of the Full Text results either in pdf or html format to view an article. On the far right, you’ll find a bar that helps you email or print this article, but if you look at the fifth icon down, the yellow paper icon, you can cite your source in MLA again. Copy and paste in your response.
Finally, go back to the general databases list again and try Gale Power Search. Click on the Topic Finder tool. Search your topic.
17. What did you find? Compare the tiles view to the wheel. Which one is easier to use? If you use the wheel, click on the little triangles next to the sections to open up more options. What comes up? Click on an atricle to open it, find the icon on the top right bar that says Cite, and copy and paste the MLA citation in your response.
18. Which parts of this process help you begin your topic, brainstorming, and research process? How and why are these tools and databases better than just using Google?

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