Using your data from Project 1, create the following using StatCrunch (or a simi

Using your data from Project 1, create the following using StatCrunch (or a similar program). Copy/paste all tables and graphs into Word and submit it as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file.
Create a frequency and relative frequency table for the Exterior Color variable (this can be combined into one table).
Create a bar graph using the Exterior Color variable.
Create a pie chart using the Exterior Color variable.
According to your data, which color is the most common and which is the least?
StatCrunch is included with MyLab Statistics (the online homework system). You can access it by clicking on the StatCrunch menu option on the left inside the homework. Alternatively, you can go directly to and log in using your MyLab credentials.
Because you will be analyzing the exterior color variable, make sure you have generalized groups for your qualitative variable (i.e. make sure the same or very similar colors are written the same way as the software will treat “grey,” “gray,” and “Gray” as three different colors when obviously they should all be in the same group).
Please see the StatCrunch tutorials in the last module group for supplemental material. The video titled “Using StatCrunch for Summary Statistics, Graphs, Etc. (Longer video than those below but more comprehensive)” and the “Creating Frequency Tables” will demonstrate most of what you need to know for Project Part 2 and 3, as well as show you the basic operations of the software.

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