Using your textbook and some additional resources, do some research on heart dis

Using your textbook and some additional resources, do some research on heart disease (also referred to as cardiovascular disease) and share your knowledge with your classmates through this discussion session.
As you compose your thread, make sure to address the following topics:
Give a detailed definition of heart disease.
List two specific types of heart diseases and describe their effects on the cardiovascular system and body.
Explain the effects of diet and exercise on heart disease.
State two ways to prevent heart disease.
Cite all facts and/or ideas that are not your own! Proofread the content of your posts before making them public; correct spelling, proper grammar and sentence structure are expected.
Please remember the discussion board is a public folder, and everyone in the class will be able to read what you have posted.
*Read the majority of posts from your classmates and choose two to respond to (with a minimum of three sentences each). Your response should be well thought-out and further the discussion.

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