Verbal and Nonverbal communication Your organizations and groups

Whatbetter way to get to know others than mingling at a party?! On this discussion board, you will introduce yourself to the class and share different aspects of your culture with us. Your unique culture could include food, clothes, music, etc. This project is designed to allow you, a member of possibly many cultures, co-cultures, and social groups, an opportunity to examine how your own cultural and social identities affect you.

You will decide how your own cultural, social, and personal beliefs, values, and norms affect the ways you communicate with others and tie your findings to course concepts. In a video posted on this discussion board, each student will show three cultural artifacts, giving a brief (2-5 minute) presentation to introduce themselves and their artifacts. Your presentation needs to be one continuous shot of you on camera. Please do not make an edited video or a video where you are off camera. Steps to Take:
First, determine what elements of your culture you want to highlight in your booth. The choice is yours! Pick the 3 things you think are most representative of who you are! Here are some ideas to consider (you do not need to include ALL of these elements…nor should you try. Instead, use this as a guide to help you brainstorm ideas for your booth and presentation):
The elements of your culture, communication, and identity
Co-cultural Identity (The variety of groups to which you belong that define your cultural identity such as: ethnicity, gender, generation, socioeconomic status, region, etc.) Worldview (The beliefs, values, and attitudes, including “insiders/outsiders,” that you have been taught as a member of your culture and groups)
Verbal and Nonverbal communication Your organizations and groups
Your own life:
individual beliefs
perceptions about life, the universe, and other people/groups with whom you are willing/not willing to communicate
Create a 2-5 minute video for the Intercultural Introduction party. Each booth should have at least two of these three basic requirements:
Be creative and craft an attractive, visually appealing video that showcases your various cultures.
On this discussion board, each student will give a 2-5 minute presentation. Post a one page outline of key words and phases along with your presentation video. Please use Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced and attach your outline to your video post. In this presentation, you should take time to help the class get to know you on an intercultural level. Integrate at least 1 course concept into your presentation.
Each student should view as many videos on the discussion board as possible. Please respond to at least three with questions, comments, and points of connection you see between yourself and your classmates.
Remember to be respectful in the way you introduce your own culture and the way you engage with others’ cultures.
Grading Criteria
Is your booth appealing and interesting? (Well thought-out, attractive, detailed)
Does your booth have at least 2 of the 3 key ingredients (Food, Music, Artifacts?)
Are presentation aids used well? (Large enough to see, professional, relevant, consistent)
Does your presentation explain each item on your booth (What is it? What does it represent?)
Did you use at least 1 course concept? (Applied correctly).
Does speaker use good presentation skills? (Avoid fillers, use good posture, gestures, rate, volume, vocal variety, speak with confidence, etc)
Does the presenter project professional appearance and behavior? (Dress, nonverbal, preparation, teamwork)
Is the presentation well organized? (Clear structure, smooth transitions, etc)
Did we get to know about your culture? (If you miss this, you miss the whole point of the assignment!

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