View the Ted Talks below entitled, “Teach Statistics before Calculus & Why Should You Love Statistics”

Due Sunday by 11:59pm Points 10 Submitting a file upload File Types pdf, doc, docx, jpeg, and png
The following Ted Talks will provide you with insight and application into the field of Statistics which will hopefully inspire you along the way as you learn all about it this semester…
For this assignment you will:
1. View the Ted Talks below entitled, “Teach Statistics before Calculus & Why Should You Love Statistics”
2. Answer the following questions once you view the two Ted Talks:
Based on Arthur Benjamin’s talk, why do you believe Statistics is so valuable? Support your answer based on what was discussed in the video and your personal insight/knowledge about Statistics as well.
State three observations from Alan Smith’s Ted Talk and discuss something new that intrigued you about this talk by providing support for your responses from the video along with your interpretations.
You should have 2-3 paragraphs total.
3. You may type your responses on a document, upload and submit, or you may scan your written responses from your notebook and submit your assignment in this format type as well.

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