watch Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House”

Go to YouTube and watch Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” Writing Prompt
At the end of the play, Nora and Ms. Linde have entered new phases in their lives. They are finally experiencing a unique sense of freedom and realization of their dreams that had been previously repressed. Discuss in a 1-2 page essay the dramatic change in their personalities and the significance of what they have chosen to abandon in an effort to gain. Cite lines from the text to support your responses.
Critical Response Questions
Choose 6 of the 10 questions below and write short answer responses to them. Cite lines from the text to support your responses.
1. Discuss the significant role of letters in the play. Many of the plot twists and turns rely upon the writing of letters to expose the truth about a certain situation. Who writes letters in the play and what is the motive or agenda?
2. Discuss the connection between the characters Mrs. Linde, Krogstad, and Dr. Rank. How is their connection related to Nora’s fate?
3. The conflict between Nora and Torvald reaches its climax in Act III. Comment on their contrasting moral positions. Is Torvald justified in condemning her? Which character are you more sympathetic with?
4. Discuss the significance of the “Christmas tree” and “New Years Day.” How are they key symbols in the play?
5. Nora is the protagonist of the play. What are her personality traits (passive, independent, childish, etc.)?
6. Describe Torvald’s personality. How does he view Nora and her role as a wife and mother? Why does he call her “my pretty little pet” and “my little squirrel?” What do these nicknames suggest about his attitude toward her?
7. Discuss the setting and time period of the play. What are the roles of men and women exhibited by Nora and Torvald?
8. Describe Nora’s relationship with Mrs. Linde. How is Mrs. Linde a mentor, teacher, and a guide to Nora’s journey toward maturity?
9. Was Nora justified in taking out the loan, breaking the law, and forging her father’s signature? Consider Krogstad’s statement: “the law takes no account of motives.” Should Nora have revealed her secret to Torvald right away?
10. Discuss Nora’s relationship with her children in Act I. What is significant about her actions toward them?

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