Watch the following three videos on Frank Lloyd Wright

Reflection on Frank Lloyd Wright
Step 1: Watch the following three videos on Frank Lloyd Wright. The first is a basic overview, the second an excerpt of a 1957 interview, and the third is a brief look at one of Wright’s most famous homes, Fallingwater.
Why Frank Lloyd Wright was a Genius Architect (12 min)

Frank Lloyd Wright was on Arrogance (6 min)

Fallingwater – Mill Run, Pennsylvania (5 min)

Step 2: Create a bullet point list reflection on the following:
Top 4 takeaways of what you learned about architecture in general
Top 4 takeaways of what you learned about Frank Lloyd Wright’s work
Top 4 takeaways from what you learned from Frank Lloyd Wright himself – (from listening to him in the interview)
You must write in full and complete sentences. Each bullet point should be 1 to 2 sentences long.
Step 3: Research one additional building the Frank Lloyd Wright designed (You cannot use Fallingwater). Copy and paste a picture into your document. Apply the knowledge that you learned from our three videos to your chosen building, and in a couple of sentences (very brief paragraph) discuss what observations you can make about your building (design elements, etc.)

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