Week 6: Buyer Behavior (Hyflex Discussion) Buyer Behavior Class, after reading C

Week 6: Buyer Behavior (Hyflex Discussion)
Buyer Behavior
Class, after reading Chapter 6, explain the differing needs and goals of individual consumers vs. corporate buyers. What are some of the specific factors that motivate individual buyers, and what is the decision process involved? Provide a specific example for organization buyers that applies to the hospitality or tourism industries, such as convention planning.
You must post before seeing anyone’s replies.
Your initial post should be a solid paragraph (5-9 sentences).
Cite the textbook as part of your initial post, using APA format (Kotler, Bowen, and Baloglu, 2021, p. 15).
Respond two more times to classmate or instructor posts, each response should be a paragraph.
You must post on at least two separate days during the week. This can be any combination of your initial post or follow-up posts.
“I agree” is not sufficient. You must engage the topic with additional thoughts, examples, details, logic, and evidence.
Do not copy information from the Internet without properly citing your sources; all posts must be your original work.
Online Discussion Rubric (20 Points)
Online discussions take place in an electronic forum instead of a classroom. In order to create a collaborative environment with meaningful results, students must make the required amount of posts. All posts must be written in a professional and respectful manner with proper netiquette.
Initial Posting
11 to 12 points
Critically analyzes, synthesizes, and/or evaluates the topic at hand, with explicit references to relevant course content and concepts.
Responses to Others
5 to 6 points
Significantly contributes to the discussion with ideas, questions, analysis, critique, or information. Employs a professional and supportive tone.
2 points
Posts contain no more than one or two typos or minor errors in grammar, spelling, or usage.
no plagiarism, high quality, use the book you can find in the uploaded file, follow the instruction and the rubric, and write the references and in-text citations.

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