What alternatives are available?

just need week three paper.
Week 3 paper. Analysis and Alternatives. This section should be a summary and analysis of what you found in our review of research, online sites, and providers in week 2. Some sub sections might include:
Discussion of existing e-commerce sites.
What alternatives are available?
Cost and benefits of various service, hardware, or software providers.
Each weekly part of the proposal should be a stand-alone paper with a title page, table of contents, page numbers, section headings, and a reference section. Each weekly paper should contain the previous week’s papers. All four papers should be submitted as one Word file in APA style. There is no page length requirement for the weeks 1-3 papers, but they should show evidence of outside research from the text, journals, and other sources that are cited in the body of the paper and listed in the Reference section. The final plan should be a minimum of 10 pages and have a minimum of 10 journal and other reference sources. Wikipedia does not count as reference source.

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