What are the basic components/tenants of the theory?

For your final paper in this class, you are required to read two research articles that explore the same family-related phenomenon or topic. Aim for these articles to be from sociology journals. In an essay, make sure to answer the following questions:
1 – What theory does each of the articles use? Is it a theory we discuss in class or a new theory? What are the basic components/tenants of the theory?
2 – What is the purpose of having theory in each article? Does the theory shape author assumptions, the evidence they use, or have another purpose?
3 – How well does each article’s choice of theory understand/explain the phenomenon? Are there aspects it does not/cannot explain?
4 – Could the authors have answered their same question using a different theory from the course? If so, how?
5 – What policy or other implications exist (about this phenomenon) based on the author’s choice of theory? Think about societal implications such as laws, policies, culture, as well as research implications or theoretical implications (future research ideas, changes to theory, etc.)
Theories to consider:
Family stress theory
Ecological theory
Symbolic interaction theory
Social Exchange theory
Conflict theory
Feminist theory
Lifecourse theory
Intersectional theory
Family theory
4-8 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font, include reference list AND in-text citations. Any format is acceptable as long as you are consistent.
Rubric Attached

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