What are the sources of value creation with this type of diversification?

Read MiniCase 8: GE: Corporate Strategy Gone Wrong
Answer the following question (s) in a three- to four-page, APA-style paper.
The paper should be double-spaced, Times New Roman (12) font. Citations or references are required.
You must answer the following:
What kind of diversification is GE pursuing? What are the sources of value creation with this type of diversification?
How did GE lose $507 billion (more than 85 percent) of its market valuation since its peak? What went wrong?
After leaving GE, Jeffrey Immelt stated in 2018: “The notion of plugging financial services and industrial companies together, maybe it was a good idea at a point in time, but it is a uniquely bad idea now.” To what is Immelt referring? Why does he think this is a bad idea? Do you agree? Why or why not?
In the bestseller Good to Great, Jim Collins advances the hypothesis that the greatness of a leader is known only after the leader has departed. The business press has celebrated Jack Welch as the greatest CEO of the last century. After reading this MiniCase, do you agree with Collins’ strategic leadership hypothesis? Why or why not? Note: When interviewed in 2018 about the GE situation, Jack Welch had this to say: “I give myself an A for the operation of GE, but an F for my choice of successor.”

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