What comment do you think Faulkner is making in “A Rose for Emily” about society

What comment do you think Faulkner is making in “A Rose for Emily” about society and/or personal choices? Tip: Substantiate your theory with examples from the story. You should include the effect of community in the plot development and in Emily’s behavior. Keep in mind the era in which the story is set and the effect it had on the people of the South. Do you feel that Faulkner’s comments are still pertinent today? Substantiate your theory with examples.
Your Edit assignment will be for you to find and revise five errors more in the REST of your essay (paragraphs 3 & 4). I suggest you start with the types you made in the other paragraphs. If you edit only those I already pointed out to you, you will see N/A, meaning not applicable.
Please number 1-5 on a separate page. Each should have part A, which should be your original error in its sentence, and Part B, which should be your correction (See the below example). The correction should be very specific.

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