What common saying, stereotype, or cliched idea does the book disprove the most?

Exceeds the demands of the assignment, successfully and effectively presenting and supporting its claims. The student consistently and thoroughly processes and articulates the book’s complex ideas, engages in thoughtful reflection, and draws logical conclusions; and consistently makes insightful, unique, and true associations between the text, the prompt, and the student’s life outside the book. Especially thorough, insightful, and/or well written responses may earn an A+ (~ 102).
PROMPT: What common saying, stereotype, or cliched idea does the book disprove the most? Here are some examples, but you may use something that does not appear on this list.
Title your essay (but don’t put it in quotation marks)

Titles of books are italicized. Names of essays go in quotation marks (except your own). None of the options are fictional, so don’t refer to them as novels (they may be books, arguments, collections, reports, investigations, perhaps even treatises)
Using Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced, try to fill a third page
Use first person pronouns, including I, if you think it fits

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