What concepts from the chapter are still “muddy” or unclear to you

In approximately 200 words, please answer the following prompts after reading Chapter 4:
What concepts from the readings really helped advance your studies in psychology? For instance, in other psychology classes, we discuss theories a lot. Did this chapter help you understand how theories are developed and how they are used?

What concepts from the chapter are still “muddy” or unclear to you? What questions do you have about these confusing topics?
ASSIGNMENT #2: Choose 3 studies from the Ethics in Research Scenarios page found in this module.
For each scenario:
State the single most obvious ethical problem or uncertainty in each of the 3 studies. Explain specifically what about each study raises the ethical concern. Use terminology from the textbook, but paraphrase the material in your own words. You cannot earn full credit on this assignment if you do not follow this step.
State what should be done differently in each study to reduce or eliminate your concern.
Your response for each scenario should be about 200 words.
Also, please proofread for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
First: How to Access Scholarly Databases
Go to the LAMC library website (Links to an external site.)
Click on Library Databases
Got to the “Subject Specific” section on the page
Click on the link labeled “Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection” listed below “Psychology”
Once you follow the steps listed above and arrive at the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection on the LAMC website, please answer the following questions in Part I & Part II. Use complete sentences in your answers. You may have to use the internet to find answers to some of the questions, but please do not copy and paste information from your references. Use your own words and do not directly quote material. However, you may copy and paste the questions below to organize your assignment.
Part I
How searching is a library database different from searching the Internet?
What is the difference between a scholarly article and a popular (i.e., magazine) article?
What is the difference between a primary and a secondary source?
What is the difference in using the Basic Search option versus the Advanced Search option in a scholarly database?
What are some ways you can limit your search? Why would you want to limit your search? What are some ways you can expand your search? Why would you want to expand your search? What is the difference between using “OR” and “AND” in the scholarly database? What is a reasonable number of articles to “sift through” when you are searching for articles on a research topic?
Let’s say you have found 5-10 articles that look good, but you don’t have time to look at them all in-depth now. Instead, you want to email, print, or save the information so you can go back at a later time and look at them again. How would you do that? (Please provide step by step instructions; answers may vary by database)
Part II
Using the database, do an advanced search, and search for journal articles on the topic of gender differences in jealousy regarding infidelity. Type in each of the search terms in the phrase “gender differences in jealousy regarding infidelity” as separate subjects. For example, type in just “gender differences” as one subject. Do not set any limits at all.
Which search terms did you use? How many articles did you find?
Now go back and edit your search to include only full text, scholarly (a.k.a., peer-reviewed) articles written in English, published within the last 10 years. How many articles did you find this time?
You have now limited your search to English scholarly articles about gender differences in jealousy regarding infidelity published within the last 10 years, and have a list of records that fit this search. Of the records retrieved, read through the abstracts and then choose one that discusses how jealousy may be experienced differently depending on the person’s age or socioeconomic status (SES). Then, take a screen shot of the first page of the article and paste as the answer to this question. If you cannot screenshot the entire page, please get at least the first half of it. If you do not know how to do a screenshot, please google search “How to screenshot using [your device name]” and follow those instructions.
USE THE BOOK LINK FOR SOURCES: for these assignment it is chapter 1 and 2 for these questions!

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