What disaster will be discussed in this essay? If this is unclear, please explain.

Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Read Chapter 8 in your Physical Geology textbook.
Review The Cosmic Timeline website.
Answer the following questions.
What is the name of the Astronomer who explained the history of the universe in one year?
Based on the Cosmic Calendar, in what month did the sun and planets form?
Based on the Cosmic Calendar, in what month was the oldest known life?
Based on the Cosmic Calendar, on what date did the first four-limbed animals appear?
Based on the Cosmic Calendar, what event occurred on Christmas Eve?
According to the Pre-December table, what day of the year is associated with the formation of Earth?
According to the December calendar, on what date did the first humans appear?
According to the December 31 calendar, when was the alphabet invented?
According to the December 31 calendar, when did the emergence of the scientific method in science occur?
According to The Cosmic Timeline web link, an average human life of 70-80 years is equivalent to how many cosmic seconds?
In 2-3 sentences, describe why it is important that we have an understanding of geologic time.
Questions 4 a-j will be graded on the accuracy of your response (1 point each).
Question 5 will be assessed based on the following:
thorough and accurate application of course content (5 points)
analysis of content and application of critical thinking skills (3 points)
written communication that is effective and well-organized (2 points)
Submit your assignment by the end of the workshop.

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