What does it show about american people?

Using “Advertisements R Us” by Melissa Rubin as an example, write an ANALYSIS of a current ad, looking specifically at how it reflects American values in the twenty-first century. Be sure to include the ad in your essay.
write 9 paragraphs
paragraph 1: date and description of the ad- give a detailed description of the ad, MLA citation of the ad describe the forground and the background.
paragraph 2: reseach appaer, tell about the company (note this paper has two additional sources this may be where one or two are used)
paragraph 3: what are the values: waht are the context? why would this ad work/ be effective? American values….What does it say about American values?
paragraph 4: suggest based on decisions? the ad suggests that the product recognizes what about AMerican values?
paragraph 5: sterotypes: Reearch the date of the Ad…. how does this impact the choices made clothing, Stereotypes, in the ad, ages of the people, etc?
paragraph 6: analysis/ interaction How does the company interactwith the audience. people or things in the ad?
paragraph 7: past or future focused: From the perspective of the current century, this ad is especially interesting because…… what does it show about American people?
paragraph 8: Racist/ Environmental Conerns/ Other opinions
Paragraph 9: What does the ad highlight or showcase about the world? tie in other ads aabout the same theme.
All works cited in MLA Format
Full MLA Header and a CREATIVE TItlE

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