What does the grant agency want in return for its funding (basic updates on progress, positive pr)?

Locate at least one website related to a granting agency among the three categories (Government Granting Agencies, Corporate Granting Agencies and Sport-related Granting Agencies) and examine its criteria and guidelines. The answer the questions below (YOU DO NOT NEED TO APPLY FOR A GRANT):
1. WHO will review the grant application (an individual or a review panel)? How would you go about finding previous grant applications that were funded?
2. WHAT does the grant agency want in return for its funding (basic updates on progress, positive PR)?
3. WHERE would you go to collect information for the application (is there a plan that has to be developed, is seed money from another source required, are there requirements of involvement from certain individuals)?
4. WHEN are applications due and when will funding decisions be made?
5. WHY is this grant agency offering money (geographic location, demographic population, financial need)?
6. HOW can you demonstrate the commitment from your group that there is real interest in your project – and that individuals want to support the project if funded?
You should include a reference list at the bottom of your assignment that includes correct citations for all websites you used to complete the assignment.
If you used any other sources, be sure to include those sources in the reference list.
All sources listed in the reference list should be in APA format. There is a direct link to the APA website in the Canvas Important Information module.
Be sure to check your work for spelling/grammar/usage errors – as your assignment should be written in standard English without slang/abbreviations.

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