What is Cultural Competency in Nursing and Why is it Important? In a study cond

What is Cultural Competency in Nursing and Why is it Important?
In a study conducted by Hart and Moreno (2016), the researchers explored nurses’ perceptions of their personal cultural competency in caring for diverse patient populations. Several definitions of cultural competence were considered as the framework for the study. One of the main definitions considered was Leininger’s (1970) seminal work that stated that culturally competent nursing care is:
Culturally-based care, knowledge, acts, and decisions used in
sensitive and knowledgeable ways to appropriately and
meaningfully fit the cultural values, beliefs, and life ways of
clients for the health and well-being or to prevent illness,
disabilities, or death. (p. 122)
Cultural competency is considered an ongoing process in which the health care provider (nurse) strives to provide health care services to people of all cultures, races, ethnic backgrounds, and religions in a manner that is respectful and preserves dignity (p. 122). One of the major findings of the study is that there is a lack of formal as well as continuing education on cultural competence. Hence the importance of this project which is to help introduce nursing students to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to provide culturally competent nursing care during patient encounters and situations.
Cultural Competency Nursing Project
The content of the PPT presentation is up to you, but it does need to include some key points. The framework of the presentation needs to include knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for providing care to the clients that are specified in your assigned topic.
The following link is an online article that specifically discusses KSAs in relation to cultural competence and may be helpful to you: https://www.masmedicalstaffing.com/2018/02/13/cultural-competence-in-nursing-practice/
The PPT needs to follow the rules of good PPT presentations. It should be no longer than about 10-12 slides excluding the title slide and reference slides. The presentation should be between 8 to 10 minutes long.
It must have a voice-over presentation format. It is suggested that one person be chosen to narrate the whole presentation for best viewing consistency. Zoom is a good venue for recording your PPT presentation, but you can use any venue that you choose, however, it needs to be seamless and synchronized (meaning that it flows without having to specifically click on the narrative for each slide). Also, it needs to be compatible with Brightspace so that it can be opened and viewed.
Here are a couple of pretty good websites with some details that might help with the PPT presentation construction and presentation:

How to do Nursing Presentations like a Pro

Pump up your PowerPoint® presentations

The PPT needs to have at least 3 references and at least two need to be peer-reviewed journal articles and one can be a credible website. You can use more of either type if you wish, but this is the minimum number and type of references I need to see used in the PPT and referenced in your reference list.
Hart, P. L., & Moreno, N. (2016). Nurses’ perceptions of their cultural
competency in caring for diverse patients. Online Journal of Cultural
Competence in Nursing and Healthcare, 6(2), 121-137.
Presentation is well planned and coherent; creative, innovative, and based in research related to the topic. The presentation must focus on culturally competent nursing interventions for providing dignified and sensitive nursing care, not on med-surg nursing interventions for disease processes or conditions.
Barriers to culturally competent care is identified for the group of clients assigned including inequalities, disparities, or psychological, sociocultural, spiritual/religious factors influencing their health-care experiences.
Discusses the culturally sensitive, relevant, and competent nursing care necessary for promoting health, and/or returning or supporting the client through illness, declining health, or death.
Discusses the role of the nurse in advocating for the group of clients assigned including social, ethical, and political aspects.
PPT presentation follows the “best practices” strategies outlined in the websites given in the assignment directions.
A reference list with all sources used in the PPT presentation is included as the final slides in the PPT presentation and must be in correct (7th ed.) APA format.

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