What is the problem facing Hong Kong? (what are the causes of the housing shortage in HK? Who are the important actors?)

Please READ the ‘Hong Kong’s Housing Shortage’ Case (The-government-weighs-in-on-housing-in-hong-kong.pdf) and write a short post (around 500 words) about: ANALYZE THE Hong Kong HOUSING SHORTAGE CASE!!! Please read that case PDF file first!
1. What is the problem facing Hong Kong? (what are the causes of the housing shortage in HK? Who are the important actors?)
2. What kind of policy problem is it? (Is it a wicked or well-structured policy problem? why? Hint: try to characterize the problem using concepts/frameworks we introduced in class or that were mentioned in the readings or in other literature)
3. What course of action do you recommend for the decision-makers in this case? (What should Hong Kong do to address the housing shortage problem?).
Hints: Questions that you can ask to prepare yourself:
-What is the policy problem? Is it well-structured? Wicked? Why?
Economic/market rationale? Social/equity? Something else?
-What are the underlying causes of the problem? How did we get here?
-Who are the important actors in the problem? What are the interests and aspirations of different actors?
-What are some potential constraints to different solutions (formal – i.e. laws, rules, geography; and informal – social norms, political power, etc…)?
-What are some potential solutions? (Think broadly to start!)
Please analyze the housing shortage case (The-government-weighs-in-on-housing-in-hong-kong.pdf) and write an opinion post regarding it!! Please do not write any nonsense regarding anything else, solely focus on the ‘housing shortage problem’! You may take a look at the reading materials and make reference to it. I’ve uploaded 4 example Op-Eds. You may look at the lecture PowerPoints to see what was taught in class. Please use APA style for referencing! Please follow the guidelines for this assignment. Thank you!

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