“What is Your Position Concerning Religion?”

Essay on “What is Your Position Concerning Religion?”
a. What are you among the six positions related to religion (i.e., atheism, skepticism, agnosticism, exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism)? Please use the knowledge you have gained throughout this course so far. Do not repeat or extend what you wrote in the Entrance Essay, such as your upbringing, parental influences on you, or your personal thoughts; otherwise, it will a different version of what you wrote at the beginning of the semester. The Exit Essay should be your reflection of the religions you have studied so far and the theological questions you have responded to up to now. Take a deep breath and have a moment to think through what you have responded to the following topics: the difficulty of drawing the line between being religious and being politically neural (separation of church and state), the idea that the multitude of world religions can be just reduced to either the elite or popular religion, the criticism of the Hindu Caste system, which denies that all human beings are equal in terms of spiritual and social quality, the sui generis feature of Judaism as the religion of the Jewish race without offering any supernatural salvation, making sense of the Holocaust within the theology of Judaism, the difference on how “to be saved” between Catholics/Orthodox and Protestants, the reason for the rise of religious fundamentalism (providing a clear direction and purpose of life), the different interpretations of Islam among Muslims on the question about whether Islam is a violent religion or not,
So, are you an atheist or agnostic? Why. Are you a theist? Then, what kind? A pluralist or inclusivist? But if you are an exclusivist, that does not make you a bigot. You are just who you are, and you are as exclusive and inclusive as anyone with the rest of the positions. In fact, all positions are, epistemically (knowledge-wise), exclusivist positions. You may want to revisit Reviews in each module.

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