What meaning do you draw from them?

Essay Response 3: Short Fiction Character Analyzation character is Emily from the short story that is attached
This is a response writing assignment, where you will analyze and reflect on one character from one of the short stories that we’ve read so far this semester. Your goal in this essay is to try to inhabit a character’s mind to analyze and understand them. This will be your interpretation of the character, their traits, motivations, desires, development, and how they affect other characters and the events of the story. Remember, this is your interpretation, and any interpretation is fine as long as it is logical and backed by the text. Outside sources aren’t necessary for this essay but you may use them to help in your analysis. Below are assignment details to guide you.

Produce a clearly organized essay that interprets and analyzes a character and how the author writes that character.
Generate a clear thesis statement about the character’s meaning and/or importance to the story.
Use textual evidence from the story to back up your points (at least one direct quotation).
Revise and edit to achieve a clear rhetorical purpose and to meet audience needs.
Practice the standards of MLA formatting.

Assignment: Overview
Introduction: First, choose a character from a story we’ve read so far that you want to respond to. You will first introduce the character, the story they are from, and author to your audience and give them enough context to set up your analysis. You can include relevant background information about the author, when the story was published, and a brief overview of the character you are analyzing. Lastly, your introduction should also include a clear thesis statement about what your main interpretation of the character is and/or their meaning in the story.

Analyzation: What is your interpretation of the character? What meaning do you draw from them? What role do they play in the story (protagonist, antagonist, foil, etc.)? Why? What are their traits, their desires, and how do their actions drive the plot or affect the other characters in the story? Why does the character act the way they do? What conflicts do they encounter? How do other characters react to them? Does the character grow and change over the course of the story? Why or why not? Remember to use textual evidence by quoting lines from the text.

Purpose: Next, analyze why the author created that character. Put yourself in the author’s shoes. How do you think the author wanted readers to respond to this character? What intentional flaws did the author give them? Is the character simply there to serve the story or also to provide a social commentary or moral lesson? What can be learned from the character’s attitudes and actions and how can it be applied to our own lives or society? Again, remember to use textual evidence from the story and/or outside sources when describing this.

Conclusion: Lastly, conclude your essay by summarizing your main points and then take it a step further by stating the larger significance of that character and their role in the story or in the world of fiction. For example, you might include a final sentence or two about why that character is so engaging and why critics will continue to analyze that character in the future.

Length: ~750 words

Formatting: This essay should be formatted as a formal essay according to MLA standards. Include a Works Cited page with a citation for the short story and any outside sources you used.
Must have Introduction, Analyzation, Purpose, Conclusion paragraphs.
Grading Rubric:
The introduction gives proper context to the character and story, includes a thesis statement, and forecasts the direction of the essay (10 points)
The thesis statement is clear and references the chosen character (10 points)
The author includes thorough analyzation and interpretation of the story’s character (20 points)
The author uses evidence from the text to support their analyzation (10 points)
The author talks about the author’s purpose (10 points)
The conclusion brings closure to the essay and takes it one step further (10 points)
The essay is coherent and well organized (10 points)
The essay shows evidence of proofreading for spelling, grammar, and syntax (10 points)
The author uses MLA formatting and includes a Works Cited page (10 points)

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