What might be some areas you’ll need to improve on before beginning your career?

Begin this discussion by conducting some informal research on writing in your industry. What industry do you hope to be a part of after graduation? What kinds of writing typically happens in this field? Try to be more specific about the types of documents you may need to write outside of email and memos.
Next, write a memo describing your findings–you’ll need to attach this as a PDF to your posting. Please address the following in your memo:
What did you find in your research? What kinds of workplace writing will you be doing in your field?
How prepared do you feel to write within your industry? What might be some areas you’ll need to improve on before beginning your career?
How do the tone and style of writing in your field differ from the academic writing most of us are used to?
Be sure to use proper memo format, appropriate tone and style for memos (Links to an external site.), short and direct paragraphs (no longer than 4-6 lines of text), single-spaced block paragraphs, and hyperlinks to cite your sources (Links to an external site.). Attach your memo as a PDF for this discussion. Your memo should be at least 300 words long.
Request: Please finish before 11:50 tonight, I will tip!

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