what ou learned from the documentary and how can some of the information be used in a Sport Nutrition setting?

PROMPT 1: Read these two links on Anabolic Steroids and EPO and How they work in the body.
Then write a short paragraph on what you learned. (1/2 PAGE-1 PAGE)
PROMPT 2: Design a simple daily eating plan to reduce the chance of dehydration and cramps. (1 PAGE)
PROMPT 3: Watch the documentary “Forks Over Knives” (you can find it on Netflix)
Tell me what ou learned from the documentary and how can some of the information be used in a Sport Nutrition setting?
Think about your response. (1 PAGE)
PROMPT 4: OK you go out for a 45 min run. When you come back from your run you are 2 pounds lighter in weight.
Using this information how much water should you drink in the next 40 min to replenish your body to get back to proper hydration? (1/2 PAGE)
PROMPT 5: Name 3 foods that would be OK to eat prior to practice or competition. Use the fueling handbook to answer this? (1/2 PAGE)
PROMPT 6: Name 3 foods that would be good to eat to enhance recovery after a workout or competition
Use all of your resources to answer this? (1/2 PAGE)
PROMPT 7: Body image is huge with young athletes. Please share your ideas on how to get people to comfortable with their body image.
(1 PAGE)
PROMPT 8: Go and read this article on the importance of Glutamine in your diet.
Please write a one paragraph synopsis on what you learned. (1/2 PAGE)
PROMPT 9: Examine the example “Increasing an Athlete’s Calories by Meal” (page 93) in the document posted above this assignment in the
module. Please look at the example with a critical eye towards health and long term nutrition. Tell what you think… Again…use a critical eye. Would we be teaching a young athlete to eat the foods that may be bad for long term health? How could we make healthier choices and ingrain life long healthy eating? (1 PAGE)
PROMPT 10: Watch this
What do you think? (1/2 PAGE)
If Sports Drink Commercials Were Honest

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