What programs did you choose to cut, and by how much did you cut them?

Go to the following webpage:

National Budget Simulation

Read the webpage, particularly the section titled ” Procedure.” Once you have read the section, and are aware of the parameters of the exercise, follow the link to the NCEE National Budget Simulation and complete the exercise.
Now, answer the following questions
What does your budget look like? In other words, what were the amounts (in billions of dollars) of both your overall budget and your budget deficit?
What programs did you choose to cut, and by how much did you cut them?
Why did you choose those programs over others?
Explain!! Remember that cutting any program will result in hundreds, if not thousands, of lost jobs for your fellow Americans.
How will the program cuts that you made directly affect your constituents (assuming that your constituents all live in west Texas)?
If you had the opportunity to raise taxes rather than cut programs, which policy would you choose? Why?
How would you “sell” your policy choice to your west Texas constituents? Assume here that you want to get re-elected.

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