what some of the film critics have discussed about the film as it relates to the story it came from.

Pick one…
First: Pick a movie you have seen once or more that was based on some book you have read. Discuss initially how the book differs from the film (it usually does to some degree). Also discuss briefly the mechanics of the film such as who was involved in it’s production, where and when it was produced, the director, actors, etc. Definitely comment about why you felt the book OR the movie was better. Comment in your paper what some of the film critics have discussed about the film as it relates to the story it came from.

Second: Discuss a movie you have seen that falls into the genre category of a historical docudrama. Talk about how accurate the movie was related to any actual events that may have occurred. Mention a little about the film’s production as in how the film was shot including who was involved in the production of the film. Do some research and find some information on how the film was perceived by the viewing public and or how people may have been affected by it. Comment also about what any film critics had to say about the film? (regarding it’s accuracy)
Must contain 3 citations

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