What was involved in communication planning in your chosen scenario?

Part 2 of the Final Project
Do not repeat your Parts 1A & 1B work here. Move on with your work, but keep track of the new sources you use. You will need to submit a revised reference list for the last stage of the project. Begin thinking about Step 2 in the Four-Step Public Relations Process. Step 2 is “Planning and Programming.” You are not taking action here; that’s Step 3. What was involved in communication planning in your chosen scenario? If, in your scenario, you don’t feel the organization conducted sufficient planning, describe what should have happened, citing credible research as you build your case. This isn’t about your opinion or hunch; you write what you do because you have by this time read research that supports your position. You will likely find you have addressed this step thoroughly in about two pages.
Parts 1A 1B of the Final Project attached for reference for Research Paper #2 – Part 2

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