What was the family structure like?

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This week we are starting our final section of the semester. We will be looking at the idea of the “American Family” as seen through sitcoms. For this discussion board, first define what you think of as the “American Family.” Be sure to be specific in your answer including, how many family members, who they are, what their occupations are, ages, where they live, and so on.
Second, discuss the article “The Way We Wish We Were.” What is Coontz’s thesis, and what does she say we need to be aware of when we think about the “we used to be”?
Finally, what were your first impressions of both The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and The Donna Reed Show? In The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet what was the main “problem” and how was it finally resolved. What was the family structure like? Who was in charge? How would you describe the relationship between the parents and the children?
In The Donna Reed Show, why did the father get upset? Who appears to be in control of the family? What did Donna try to do to sooth his hurt feelings? Did it work? Why or why not. What was the relationship between the parents and the children like?
You need to be very specific in this post to show the episodes were watched. Answers that are too general will receive a zero.
Be sure to watch both videos BEFORE class.
Please go to the following website to view The Adventures of Ozzy and Harriet:
https://vimeo.com/51801693 You will need the following password to gain access: Password:
Please use the following link to watch The Donna Reed Show: The password is the same as above.

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