What was the the plan and the timetable for completion?

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The Scramble for Africa Began in the 1800s. European Nations wanted to secure control over the Agricultural And Mineral Resources on the African Continent as well as a Monopoly on Trade with the African people. This period Ended with the BERLIN CONFERENCE of 1884-1885. Review the Power Point on the Scramble for Africa Download Power Point on the Scramble for Africaand FOCUSING ON THE CONFERENCE ITSELF: Discuss the Mission of the Conference, Who participated, Why was it important to Germany, Italy, AND King Leopold II of Belgium? What was the The Plan and the Timetable for completion?
1. WHAT is the Mission of the Berlin Conference 1884-1885?
2. WHAT COUNTRIES Participated?
3. WHY was it important for Germany and Italy to get the Rest of the European Nation States to Agree for them to have Colonies?
4. WHY was it important for the Belgian King Leopold II to get the Rest of the European Nation States to Agree to his Claim to the “Belgian Congo?” (became Zaire/DRC).
5. By What DATE did the European Nation States have to “Pacify” the African land and peoples that they claimed OR LOSE the claim to another Nation State?

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