When a group of fundamentalist christians learned that alex is gay, they pressured the school board to fire him.

The following exercises from Chapter 2 perfect our skills in overcoming self-interest, face-saving, and group pressure leading to peer pressure and appeal to popularity. Please answer the following questions and put your answers on a Word document and submit. You will need to justify your answers with reasons, do not simply give one sentence responses.
Exercise 2.2: Does the question indicate self-interest, face-saving, or group pressure?
Jonathan: My essay is better than Julio’s.
Betty: Why do you think yours is better? Do you agree that the content and writing are similar?
Jonathan: Yes.
Betty: Do you agree they are nearly identical?
Jonathan: Yes, but mine is still better.
I oppose women becoming members of this club. If I endorsed this claim, every friend I’ve got in the club would turn his back on me.
His statements about the West Bank are all false, of course. He’s an Israeli.
I’m due for tenure next year, so I am in favor of continuing the tradition of tenure at this university.
The U.S. is the greatest nation on earth. I don’t know anything about other countries, and I don’t want to know.
Exercise 2.4: Indicate whether the following passages contain types of group pressure that leads to peer pressure, appeal to popularity, or preference for one’s group.
John goes to a prestigious college where many students use illegal drugs. Nearly everyone in John’s frat house uses them. so far, he hasn’t tried any, but his frat brothers frequently ask if he wants some.. And he has noticed that he is rarely invited to any frat parties.
Yang Lei is a conservative columnist for one of the best conservative journals in the country. But she yearns for greener pastures–namely, a regular column for a weekly news magazine. She gets her dream job, though the magazine does have liberal leanings. The first few columns she writes for the magazine are a shock to her friends. Politically they are middle-of-the-road or even suspiciously liberal.
Alex is a fourth-grade teacher at a suburban elementary school in Tennessee. He is liked by students and teachers alike, and he has superior teaching skills. He is also a homosexual. When a group of fundamentalist Christians learned that Alex is gay, they pressured the school board to fire him.
Sylvia writes a column for the university newspaper. In her last installment, she argues that in a time of national crisis, the U.S. justice department should have the power to arrest and detain literally anyone suspected of terrorism. Her arguments are well supported and presented with a tone of tolerance for those who disagree with her. And most students do disagree-vehemently. Hundreds of letter arrive at the newspaper, each one denouncing Sylvia and calling her a fascist and a few names that could not be published. In Sylvia’s next column, she apologizes for her statements, says that she made serious errors, and declares that her statements should be viewed as hypothetical.
From Integrative Exercises Chapters 1 and 2 For each of the following passages, indicate whether it contains an argument. For each argument, specify what the conclusion is (underline it) and whether the passage contains an appeal to popularity or peer pressure.
You can never escape your past because our memory will always remind you of it.
Cloning any biological entity (including humans) is not worth the risk involved. Scientists have already reported some unexpected, dangerous side effects in the cloning of plants, and the clone of the famous Dolly the sheep has exhibited some cellular abnormalities.
Cloning is perfectly safe. It’s only religious nuts and conservative politicians who are making a big fuss about it.
It will be a great day when the Pentagon has to have a bake sale to raise money for bombs and guns and education gets billions of dollars.
Capitalism is an immoral oppressive system. That’s just the way I was raised.
If you burn the American flag, you are guilty of treason. The flag is our country, and harming our flag is harming our country. Harming our country is treason.
Integrative Exercise: Select from the list any statements that, if true, would constitute good reasons for accepting the claim. Some statements may have no good reason listed. Please give reasons for your choice.
Corporation executives who cook the books should be imprisoned.
Everyone in the business world believes that cooking the books should be punished by imprisonment.
Polls show that most American s are in favor of imprisoning executives who cook the books.
In Russia it is common practice to imprison executives who cook the books.
Imprisoning executives who cook the books is the only way to save American business from disaster and the only morally correct course of action.
Psychic predictions in tabloid newspapers are almost always accurate.
This claim is true for me, even if it isn’t true for you.
It is impossible to know anything, so there is no way that anyone can legitimately claim that tabloid psychics are almost always right.
Massive amounts of research into psychic phenomena prove that the tabloid psychics are usually correct in their predictions.
Believing that psychics cannot predict anything accurately is close-minded and petty. I refuse to be that way.
There is an afterlife. After you die, your essence lives on.
I have to believe in an afterlife. The alternative is too terrible to contemplate.
Over 80 per cent of Americans believe in an afterlife.
This society believes that there is an afterlife.
On the radio I told two million people that there is an afterlife. So I have to believe in it. Otherwise, I’ll look like a fool.

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