When i joined the company, the company was in the angel round of funding, so all the attempts were unknown to us.

This is an interview 90s video test for the Loreal Company MT position; please edit it and make it down to a 90s presentation.
Please share an experience you put persistent effort into a goal to strive for the best result
⁃ What was the goal?
⁃ What did you do to achieve the goal?
⁃ What major obstacles did you overcome?
⁃ How was the result?
I would like to share an example of how I overcame difficulties and made a breakthrough through my own efforts and abilities.
This happened in my first official job, where I was screened to enter a field that I had no exposure to at all: cross-border e-commerce.
When I joined the company, the company was in the angel round of funding, so all the attempts were unknown to us. The company’s main business is to sell TCG cards on different traditional e-commerce and live-streaming platforms. Trading Cards Game (TCG) has also become known to the public only in recent years, and its main products include Pokémon cards, sports cards and so on.
During my trial period, my leader gave me the task of selling cards on a new live platform (DRIP SHOP LIVE) that I had never tried before, with the goal of reaching $2500 in two weeks. For me, this project was the first project I took on and also the standard for probation to conversion.
I think I have to show my ability as well as my attitude to the company, so I will definitely do my best to do things to the best of my ability. In the first three days, I did the analysis of the project, similar live analysis, card study, product understanding and create an account, on behalf of the company’s name to meet with the platform leader. And I followed up the details of anchor selection, training, product selection, pricing, margin calculation, campaign design and so on. I think the process of going from 0 to 1 is the most difficult but also the most growth-bringing one. The difficulty we encountered in this was that the platform was too new and the traffic was low, so we needed something special to capture the audience and convert them into consumers. In our first live broadcast we only sold a few dozen. This was a blow for me and my team because we were very prepared for the debut. And made only two hundred sales in the two shows that followed. So we made a lot of adjustments to the live broadcast, including an AB test. changed the time, the style of the broadcast, the mode of the broadcast. We also made adjustments in product selection and pricing. Finally, my team and I were able to achieve $6,000 in two weeks. This was a surprise to my team and to my leaders, and it gave me unlimited motivation.
I learned how to plan ahead, how to hit user pain points, how to convert, how to work as a team, how to put plans into action, and how to improve my business negotiation skills. Through continuous experimentation and innovation, my team and I achieved our performance goals and were the first and only employee in the company to be transferred within two weeks and to take on a new project. I think the pursuit of excellence brings pressure, and pressure can be converted into motivation, and motivation can bring results, and results make people have higher requirements for themselves. I hope that the pursuit of excellence will always be the norm in your career.

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