When you and your back up arrive, you see several young men talking to a

Problem Based Learning Exercise
Phase A – Non-Emergency Incident Response
“Disorderly Persons Run”
You are dispatched to a call of disorderly persons loitering at a privately owned apartment complex. The female caller states the suspects constantly loiter here for the purposes of drug sales/use and prostitution. She also states this is a constant problem, and the complex owner lives on-site but can’t control the problem.
When you and your back up arrive, you see several young men talking to a
female in the courtyard. They begin to separate upon seeing you. An elderly man quietly
summons you to his door and tells you the group was smoking crack and he observed one of
the men crawl through an apartment window earlier in the night. Since then, the group has
been going in and out of that apartment. The man is certain the apartment should be vacant.
Your beat partner hollers for the group to stop, which causes them to turn around and see the
man talking to you. The men stop, but the female walks into the apartment in question. The
man becomes visibly upset and fears retaliation. He tells you several longtime residents have moved away because of similar problems, and the police have done nothing about it. He then shuts the door.
Remember, this IS an ill-structured problem, and your action plan does not have a simple
Ideas – Record initial response to the problem. What are two separate possible ways you can
with this situation?
 What are your initial thoughts?
 What are the issues?
 Who has a stake in this?
Facts – List all of the known facts about the problem.
• What do you know?
Learning Issues:
 What do you need to know to solve this problem?
 Whom should you contact?
 What resources are available to solve this problem? Be specific and accurate.
 What other information do you need?
 What degree of change would measure success?
Action Plans – Create a precise and specific plan for either solving or reducing the problem. Your action plan should arise from what you know about the problem and what your research
has taught you.
 What can you do to solve or reduce this problem?
 Do you make arrests?
 Describe the rationale for each decision.
 Describe the possible consequences of each decision in your plan.
 Describe how you would behave given each set of circumstance.
You will, in consultation with your PTO, determine the best method to present solutions to this
problem. This may include a verbal report, written report, formal presentation demonstrations
incorporating examples from your patrol work with your PTO or any other methods that best
suit your abilities. Your PTO must approve of your presentation method.
After completing this PBLE, your PTO will provide you with a PBLE Evaluation Form, which
the two of you will complete together. The original evaluation will be given to the PTS for their
signature, and forwarded Criminal Investigation
Problem Based Learningto the PTO Coordinator. A copy of the evaluation, and any written
presentations, will be placed in your Travel Binder.

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