When you cite a source, explain it – explain why it helps answer the particular question.

Answer all of the questions that appear below. Set your margins at one inch on all sides, 1.5 spaces and Twelve-Point font. Keep in mind that each question has more than one part. Be sure to answer all parts of the quest.
Make certain that you cite sources appropriately using APA FORMAT. When you cite a source, explain it – Explain why it helps answer the particular question.
1. Explain what resources, competencies, capabilities are, and how they can be used to create value (not the value chain) and competitive advantage. Be sure to consider capabilities and how they affect resources and competencies.
2. How does the use of the Five Forces Model help to identify the competitive intensity that impact recruiting and retaining customers is a specific service area.
3. Define, compare and contrast Strategic Planning, Strategic Thinking and how they impact and shape Strategy and Strategic Management
4. Define Mission, Vision and Values and explain how they are the foundation for strategy development and implementation.
Make sure that you cite sources appropriately and include references.

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