When you have thoroughly researched the company and watched the video, write and

When you have thoroughly researched the company and watched the video, write and submit a six-page APA 7th edition formatted paper (no less than six full pages of body, plus a Cover page and Reference page). Use the outline provided below as a guide for the content of your paper (use Level One APA sub-headers to identify each topic area).
1. Cover Page
2. Overview – Write a brief summary of the documentary you just watched, highlighting key points of the video and article.
3. Organizational Structure – What observations can you make about the company’s organizational structure? Review the theories of centralization, hierarchy, and/or departmentalization of the company from the video and your research. What opinions do you have about their structure, if any?
4. Controls – Using the P-O-L-C Framework, what did you notice about the types of controls used at the company? What controls did you find lacking or missing? What controls might you recommend in the future?
5. Leadership Styles – Summarize and analyze the leadership style of the company’s leaders. What style of leadership would you have suggested they use instead?
6. Decision-Making Styles – Analyze the Decision-Making Styles used by management and/or the employees. How would you classify their decision-making styles? What evidence can you describe from the video or research to support your classification?
7. Strategic Human Resource Management – Review the four questions HR must answer as outlined in the chapter on “The Changing Role of Strategic Human Resources Management” in your readings. Answer the same four questions for the company and discuss ways the company could change how it manages its human assets to improve the company.
8. Conclusion – Briefly summarize and conclude the main points of your analyses and recommendations.
9. Reference Page – At the very least, your Reference Page should include (a) the textbook, (b) the video, and (c) at least two peer-reviewed academic journal articles about the company’s leadership and management. Additional resources, if needed, are allowed. Make sure every page of your paper includes at least three in-text citations.

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