Which axis or intersections of axes are you interested in (e.g. gender, or gender and race)

Please write a complete research paper based on the proposal and case study instructions. Please use all the reference used in the proposal.
The purpose of establishing the theoretical foundations of social inequality is to aid you in identifying an appropriate theoretical framework / analytical lens to explore your own case of social inequality.
You have significant freedom to investigate and focus your attention on a specific case of inequality. Feel free to explore something that is personally relevant to you.
One way to consider framing or to start thinking of your case study is to think of
1. a) Which axis or intersections of axes are you interested in (e.g. gender, or gender and race)
2. b) Which domain are you interested in (e.g. health, education, housing, etc.)
3. c) Which context are you focusing in on (e.g. Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Thereafter you will need to focus further your case. For example, you may be interested in exploring the unequal provision and access to abortion services in Alberta. Here the axes may be gender and class, the domain is health, and the context is Alberta. As such, your theoretical underpinning of should aim to draw on the gender, class and intersectionality modules, and the health module for the domain of inequality.

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