– which connection did you make between the course reading and the podcast?

In the following podcast assigned: Link: https://www.mprnews.org/story/2014/09/19/counter-stories-episode-8
-What was your reaction to the topic?
– What were your feelings when you were listening to it?
– Which connection did you make between the course reading and the podcast?
-Which core competencies were presented in the podcast?
Any new information you learned
Counter Stories Podcast: “The Identity Struggle” You will complete a paper in which you will critique the usefulness of Aguirre and Turner’s model
of comparative ethnic analysis, as well as, its usefulness as a model to understand the impact of
discrimination on other populations-at-risk, such as: refugee, women, the aged, the disabled, and
gays and lesbians.
Use the Code of Ethics and core competencies to pick one-two that were presented in the podcast.

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