Which indication do you think cannabinoid therapy may impact the most and why?

By the end of the module, please complete and submit your journal entry using the link provided in the Submissions and Discussions folder. Note that you will be scored using the rubric. Journal Rubric.pdf Download Journal Rubric.pdf
For this entry:
Summarize what you learned from this module about the positive impacts cannabinoids may have in GI disorders (USE LECTURE BY DR. LARRY PDF ATTACHED TO SUMMARIZE WHAT YOU LEARNED). Which indication do you think cannabinoid therapy may impact the most and why? Also, what surprised you the most about what you learned? In your discussion, support your thoughts using THE ENDOCANNABINOID LEVELS IN ULCERATIVE COLITIS PDF (USE THIS ARTICLE MAINLY FOR THE RUBRIC POINTS). You can also use the “The gastrointestinal tract – a central organ of cannabinoid signaling in health and disease” article to support the summary.
Be sure to also:
1) identify gaps in the knowledge
2) describe how the course material and your additional resource(s) enhanced or modified your understanding of the topic.
The journal entry should be AT LEAST one page long. Please refer to the rubric provided for guidance and remember to cite referenced material appropriately.

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