Which is the superior console, playstation or xbox?

Our next Essay will be focusing on reaching conclusions based on a Compare and Contrast approach. As such, our next three Critical Readings will be based on using comparison to form conclusions about some kind of topic.
This week, the criteria we’ll be working with is: technology.
You are free to explore any kind of technological comparative topic you want as long as you’re drawing conclusions based on your chosen topic in reference to other similar topics.
Find a text to help you make a decision based on comparing and contrasting technology.
This might be a “thing good, thing better, thing worse” approach (i.e. which is the better phone, Apple or Samsung? Which is the superior console, Playstation or Xbox? Which is the better social media platform, Facebook or Instagram? Which TV brand is better? What model of car is superior and why? What kind of fuel source is the best option?)
Or it might simply be a means of gathering conclusions based on the differences and similarities between two topics (i.e. maybe Apple has better tech but is more limited because it doesn’t integrate with other tools; or maybe Xbox has better hardware, but Playstation has better exclusives; other cars have more powerful engines, but Subaru’s last the longest; solar power is the most efficient fuel source out of all other renewables, etc.)
Your chosen text doesn’t have to be a compare and contrast article or video necessarily, but it should help support your compare/contrast conclusions.
1. Cite this source in MLA format.
2. What is the central thesis of this text? Provide a quote in in-text MLA format to substantiate your answer.
3. What compare/contrast conclusion are you supporting (again, for example, which technological subject is better, and why? Or which tech subject serves a purpose that others do not and why?). How does this text help support your conclusion? Provide a quote in in-text MLA format to substantiate your answer.

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