Which key resources that you identified in the week 4 discussion are the most expensive?

Before you can bring a new idea to the market, you have to understand the costs associated with developing and launching your business. As we have learned from the case of Tio, there are many costs associated with a new concept.
Review the definitions below:
KEY RESOURCES: Describes the most important assets required to make a business model work.
KEY ACTIVITIES: Describes the tasks or milestones that need to be accomplished. Examples would be creating a website, developing a prototype product, purchasing or renting real estate and equipment, etc.
COST STRUCTURE: Describes all the costs incurred to operate a business model.
For your initial post, respond to the questions below:
Which Key Resources that you identified in the Week 4 Discussion are the most expensive?
Looking at your current plan for your business model (in attachments swot analysis on product) which Key Activities are most expensive?
What is the one thing you will have to do to brand your product to your target market?

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