Which leader’s approach do you prefer and why?

Instructions: Please answer the following 2 questions. Target your response to be 2 pages for each question, double-spaced. Be sure to include specific examples from the readings, class discussions, forums and/or your own experience to illustrate the points you make in each essay.
Question 1:
Present your current definition of a leader. How has it changed based on what we have studied in class so far? Why might a leader in an organization need a global perspective?
Question 2:
Compare and contrast the leadership styles of two executives from different case studies. Include how they assess the context of their respective business situations and decided on their paths. Which leader’s approach do you prefer and why?
Suggestion: Use a standard response format for each question stating your thesis in the introductory paragraph, then building your case and supporting it with examples in the main body paragraphs. Be sure to add a closing paragraph with your conclusion(s).

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