Which of the 7 psychological approaches are you using to conduct your research?

Which of the 7 psychological approaches are you using to conduct your research? Why?
Compare and contrast your selected minority group with the majority group in the U.S. As a minority group;
how does society (as a whole) influence their livelihood?
What role do stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination play in this group/culture?
Compared to the majority group, how are these groups/cultures similar and how are they different?
From a social psychology perspective, what impact has the majority had on the minority group/culture?
Are relations improving between these groups?
According to research, what can society do to improve relations?
How is social psychology related to your subject matter for each group/culture?
Minimum of 5 scholarly sources are required. Sources must have a date of 2010 or newer (no n.d. for in-text citations).
In-text citations go after each fact/concept used.

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