Which of these activities are considered “Leadership” and which are considered “Management?

Being an effective leader is a lifelong journey incorporating a continuum of experiences and a reflective self-analysis. Submit a reflective journal entry in response to the following:
Consider the many activities that are conducted in an organization each day. Which of these activities are considered “Leadership” and which are considered “Management?” Then explain why it is important that successful leaders know the difference between management and leadership, and utilize different skills to facilitate both types of activities.
Your reflection should be based on the Hickman and/or Northouse texts, supplementary readings, course activities, and discussions that have influenced your understanding of leadership and your development as a leader.
Submission Instructions:
A minimum of at least one typewritten page journal entry is required.
Integration of the concepts from the Hickman and/Northouse texts and any assigned article(s) is required.
Journals will be graded on the depth of the insights and reflections on class readings and their relevance to your development as a leader.
All entries will be kept strictly confidential.
Each journal must be uploaded to Canvas by Sunday Midnight EST.

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