While watching the movie, jot down important factors and key scenes. This includ

While watching the movie, jot down important factors and key scenes. This includes the actors and those with significant performances, the director and the producer or scenes with significant impact to the plot. You should note three points in the story: the beginning, the climax and the end. All should be included in some way in your review.
Look over your notes and highlight the key parts that you want to emphasize in your review and then think how you will describe these notes to an audience, using proper vocabulary.
Begin by creating an opening that will draw readers/audience. This may mean citing a memorable scene in the movie or alluding to a key moment or stating the main theme(s). This is one of the most important parts of your review, because if you don’t entice readers to read on or audience to listen to, your review will go unnoticed.
Within the opening, cite some key players in the movie, whether they are the actors, the producer etc. If a reader recognizes a name, they are more likely to keep reading. Also you will want to note the full title of the movie. At this point you should have completed your opening paragraph or introduction of your review.
Begin your middle paragraphs (usually 1 to 4 paragraphs long) by noting briefly the basic plot line of the movie. Highlight key scenes and character development. Here is where you will want to say the reader/ audience what you found impressive or unimpressive about the movie and further explain a certain scene, character, language used etc.
Allude to the climax of the movie within these middle paragraphs. Again highlight the important parts of it focusing on what you found notable or not that interesting.
Close up your review by giving your readers/audience not only what they want to read/hear but also why you think they should watch or not the movie, so remember to give reasons why you think the movie is great/terrible.
The evaluation will be based on following the above instructions (clear organization of your paper with introduction, main body and conclusion), quality of content (use of scenes, dialogues, parts of the movie to support your argument(s) about aspects of the film), correct use of grammar, syntax and vocabulary (clarity in your expression, avoid long sentences, separate in paragraphs, use punctuation etc).

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