Why do these changes occur?

Reply to the following questions in this discussion forum:
Development and disease burden: As countries develop economically, what are the most important changes that occur in their burden of disease? Why do these changes occur?
Health income: What is the relationship between health disparities and income? What part does education play on health?
Submission Instructions:
The RN-BSN Nurse is expected to participate in weekly discussions on at least three separate days out of seven in the electronic week. Keep in mind:
The weekly posts consist of two main posts (answering questions) and a minimum of two responses to co-horts..
Your initial post must provide a scholastic article/journal reference in the current APA format to support your discussion.
When answering a question you must provide scholastic journal references in the current APA format (must be a different article/journal than the author’s initial post).
**it’s going to be an initial discussion post of 5 sentences or more with a reference. As well as two peer replies 5 sentences as well with a reference**

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