Why do we care?

Write an essay responding to the following prompt. As a grader, I approach these unit essays as the equivalent of a timed in class essay in a face to face class. You received the prompt in advance so should have developed your response. You should only spend about an hour crafting the essay. I am not expecting the same quality as I would for an out of class essay like The Source Paper, which you have longer to work on.
In chapter 6, Zinn writes
“It is possible, reading standard histories, to forget half the population of the country. The explorers were men, the landholders and merchants men, the political leaders men, the military figures men. The very invisibility of women, the overlooking of women, is a sign of their submerged status.In this invisibility they were something like black slaves (and thus slave women faced a double oppression). ”
In the course of Arn’t I A Woman Gray-White articulates a similar viewpoint. Using your knowledge of the nineteenth century, to what extent do you agree with Zinn and Gray-White?
Or to simplify this for you: Were all women something like slaves in the long nineteenth century? Yes, no, or somewhat
Some tips for success:
Include a strong thesis statement that identifies your argument, previews your body point, and articulates the answer to the so what question or articulates a historical significance. Why do we care?
Use specific examples from Zinn, Gray-White and the course such as the Jezebel trope, the cult of domesticity, and the Declaration of Sentiments. Make sure to explain the significance of all examples. The more concrete and content related examples in the essay, the higher the grade
If I were responding to this prompt I would organize my response around the intersectional challenges faced by different groups of women. Wealthy women (corseting, the cult of domesticity, the Petticoat War, and the Declaration of Sentiments), lower class women (industrial slavery in the Lowell System), slave women (I’d really bring in all of the exploitation that Grey White discusses in this body paragraph).
follow the cahpters do not write essay about outside resources

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