Why followership is as important as police leadership.

It has been said, the answer to the question “how do you know someone is a leader?” is that person has followers. Followership is a necessary complement to leadership. In all organizations, leadership is not just the responsibility of the leader. Likewise, followership is not just the responsibility of followers. Followers are integral to organizational failures and successes. Leaders establish the vision and then inspire followers to action. However, the vision cannot be realized without the work of followers. Leadership cannot occur without committed followership.
Read the following article:
Reynolds, B. (2015). Why followership is as important as police leadership. Law Enforcement Today. https://www.police1.com/police-leader/articles/why-followership-is-as-important-as-police-leadership-iyCNlqbi9RIkOEXm/
Based on the course readings and your own research on followership, describe the concept of followership in detail and how the concept of followership can be effectively applied in a public safety environment.
Conduct an assessment of your followership skills by answering Reynolds (2015) questions. Provide a specific example of how you engage in followership as you answer the questions:
Do your leaders believe you are a valuable member of the team? Are you actively engaged in the goals of your leader and the organization, and do you seek to provide usefulness to your work unit?
Do you actively display behaviors that show your commitment to the organization? Regardless of your personal views or self-interest, do you provide the same level of support and commitment towards organizational goals that you would expect from your own followers?
Are you able to transition from a leadership role to a followership role with ease, and with an equal amount of enthusiasm for both roles?
Do you believe that you have to be a good follower before you can be a good leader? Do you recognize that by actively seeking to improve your followership skills, you are also improving your ability as a leader?
Be thorough in your responses to these questions. How do you assess your followership abilities? What can you do to develop your followership skills?

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