• why is this currently an issue?

1. 2.
PP2, Arguments:
1. 2.
Use Critical Thinking Questions to help answer why you are interested. Include at least 1 in-text citation from your sources.
What do proponents argue about this issue?
Provide 3 reasons why proponents have these arguments. Include at least 2 in-text citations.
WRI 102
Persuasive Writing Prompt
To be finished by Oct 3 before MIDNIGHT
1. The persuasive essay is the first step for developing your research essay.
2. For this assignment, you need to persuade an audience why your topic is original and worthy of research. This means you will not go to websites that have lists of student topics already created
for you. This also means you will not go to websites that have previously written academic essays that you can read as a sample and/or purchase.
Persuasive Writing Outline: PP1, Interest:
Why are you personally interested in this issue?
PP3, Counterarguments: What do opponents argue about this issue?
1. Provide 3 reasons why opponents have these arguments.
2. Include at least 2 in-text citations.
PP 4: Research Question
1. Introduce topic by explaining the following:
• WHAT is the issue surrounding your topic?
• WHEN did it become an issue?
• WHY is this currently an issue?
2. Research Question:
PP5, Discovery:

1. 2. 3.

What do you personally want to discover or understand better about this issue? (NOTE: Make sure it is written as a QUESTION.)
What have you discovered or understood better about this issue?
Provide 3 examples of what you have discovered/understood better.
Explain why your opinion about the issue has changed or remained the same. Include at least 1 in-text citation.
Thesis Statement:
What do you want to prove in your Argument Research Essay? (NOTE: Make sure it is written as a STATEMENT.)
**********This thesis statement will be used in your Research Paper.**********
Requirements: Your persuasive essay should be at least 1,000 words. It should include a minimum of 5 paragraphs; a minimum of 6 sources; and a minimum of 6 in-text citations. Use Times New Roman 12-pt. font and double-space.
*200 words per 5 paragraphs = 1,000 words (with an allowed -/+10% range).

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