Would it be acceptable to hold companies liable for damage to culture?

I will grade based on the following considerations, presented in order of importance:
Did you answer every part of every question fully?
Did you accurately and fully define key terms that your answer depends on, including accurately describing the arguments and views you discuss?
Did you provide reasoning to support your answer, including making ethical assumptions and reasoning explicit?
Did you express your answer clearly?
Remember: The main purpose of this exam is to show that you understand the topics. Include enough in your answer to make it clear to me that you know what you are talking about.
You can use information from articles we have read for class, as well as outside sources. If you do rely on a source for anything you say, cite that source clearly using a standard citation format (my favorite is Chicago, but you can use others if you prefer).
1. Would it be acceptable to hold companies liable for damage to culture? Be sure to address the concept of liability. Note: “it depends” is a fine answer, as long as it is explained. (For alleged damage to culture, see Savan’s “The Bribed Soul” and Galbraith’s “The Dependence Effect.”)
2. Bullshit is common in advertising, and all of advertising falls within the Dependence Effect. Does the prevalence of bullshit in advertising make the Dependence Effect more of an ethical problem or not? Explain your answer.
3. Suppose a reliable lie-detecting smartphone app is released for iOS and Android. Would this make trust within the business world obsolete, or would trust still be necessary for the ways discussed by Solomon & Flores, and Frankel? Explain your answer.

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