Would you argue that Alexander the Great created a new empire or that he continued to rule the Persian Achaemenid Empire?

Welcome to HIST 397P Final Exam!
This take-home is available until midnight on June 20, 2022. You can access it as many times as you want to refer to the questions and primary sources.
The exam is made of two equally weighted parts: An interpretative essay (50/100) and a primary source analysis (50/100).
In an essay of approximately 3-4 pages if typed in double-spaced Times New Roman 12pts, answer one of the following two questions. Make sure that your essay has an argumentative thesis as you are required to take an informed position on a historical topic.
Essay questions:
1. Would you argue that Alexander the Great created a new empire or that he continued to rule the Persian Achaemenid Empire?
2. How did the image of Alexander the Great evolve after his death? What traits and facts were added to the accounts of his conquests in different cultures and why?
Primary source analysis is an interpretative essay that offers an analysis of a primary source. Make sure that your PSA has an interpretative thesis and that your arguments and claims are based on the historical context that corresponds to the times in which the source was written.
Choose one of the three sources to analyze it:
1. Arrian, “Book I,” Alexander the Great: The Anabasis and the Indica, transl. A. Hammond (2013), 1, 19–38. 2. Greek inscriptions translated from Greek Historical Inscriptions, ed. M.N. Tod (1985), 242, 243, 244–245, 263–264, 276–277, 278. 3. Plutarch, “Alexander,” Parallel Lives. I have attached the required readings to this order along with the course syllabus in cause you need it. Please note that I do not need an A level paper, a B is perfect. For the interpretative essay I guess you need to argue and draw your reasons from the readings, for the Primary source analysis, I am attaching a document that shows the guidelines of a primary source analysis writing piece. if there are any questions, please let me know.

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